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Community Resource Boxes

Homeless & Human is empowering the homeless
& creating opportunities for YOU to help!

We are currently collecting donations for Community Resource Boxes for people in need.  These boxes, which are sometimes referred to as Blessing Boxes, touch upon all three parts of our mission: Service, Advocacy, Education.

- allow people in need to retain some semblance of dignity while meeting some of those needs
- provide awareness of the plight of the homelessness crisis
- create opportunities for conversations around what is needed & what is/is not helpful
- help keep focus on homeless-minded items
- environmentally-friendly

List of Helpful Items to Give

- *ready-to-eat* non-perishable foods
- feminine hygiene products

(tampons, sanitary pads, etc.)
- warm weather items
(warm hats, gloves, thick socks)
- hand sanitizer wipes
- travel-size hand sanitizer
- antibacterial ointment
-  bandages
- socks

- lip balm
-  first aid kits
- travel-size tissues
- travel-size wet wipes
- small bottles of sunscreen
- travel-size body wash
- travel-size shampoo
- small bottles of laundry detergent
- dryer sheets
- baby wipes
- diapers
- baby food
- baby formula
- travel-size lotion
- encouraging & uplifting cards/notes/art

Important Things to Note

Only donate items in good condition that you yourself or your loved ones might use/enjoy.
Do not donate trash or items that you deem unfit for yourself.
The homeless are HUMAN.

Kindness is free.
The homeless often have little to no storage space.
The homeless have no kitchen, so ready-to-eat foods are sometimes more helpful, vs foods that are ingredients or require preparing and/or cooking

Do you have a space to host a box?
Please reach out!

Do you know of an existing Resource Box?
Let us know!
We are aggregating a list to help people find them (both to fill and for aid) and would love to include it!

Are you interested in hosting a donation drive or fundraiser?
We'd love to hear from you!

Coming Soon
Map of known Community Resource Boxes


Other Ways to Contribute to our Mission

> Send a card, gift card, or donation. <
Homeless & Human
105 S Main Street
Federalsburg, MD 21632

> Follow our social media accounts. <

> Donate through CashApp: $HomelessNHuman <

> Donate through
PayPal. <

> On Facebook or Instagram, choose our charity from the Giving Fund and fundraise on our behalf!

Questions? Thoughts?
Reach out:

Thank you for being here.  We are so grateful for you!


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