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Homeless & Human is empowering the homeless & creating opportunities for YOU to help, too!

Many ways to help & to be involved are FREE!

       Some ways to support our mission include:

  • Rethink what you know to be true.  Be open-minded.  Holding on to negative opinions of the homeless, including placing unfair blame or judgment, is detrimental to our cause. Every one of us is human. (FREE)

  • Volunteer your time! As much or as little as you have, we can utilize you! Virtual & in-person opportunities available!  All people of all ages, all backgrounds, & all situations are welcome! (FREE)

  • Join us at rallies, public opinion hearings, and other events! (FREE)

  • Sponsor our contest! Help us offer incentives that double as advocacy, education, & in part go to each school hosting the contest, as well as organizations local to each school.  

  • Be a judge for our contest! Help recruit schools to participate! Market and share the contest! (FREE)

  • Help with letter writing campaigns! (FREE)

  • Help organize events for awareness, advocacy, education, and service delivery! (FREE) Both virtual & in-person volunteers are needed!

  • Help us fundraise! (FREE)

  • Help us collect resources! (FREE)

  • Donate a space for us to put a Community Resource Box (FREE) or Donation Collection Box for resources for our School Partnerships or Help Bag drives! (FREE)

  • Donate services! (Open to partnerships of nearly any kind!)

  • Donate items (toiletries, school supplies, clothes, shoes, electronics, survival items, necessities)!

  • Sign up for our newsletter to get updates & solicitations! (FREE)

  • Help us get sponsors & support! (FREE)

  • Help plan events!

  • Learn about the causes of homelessness & the barriers to becoming rehoused.  Understand that homelessness does not necessarily look like the false & harmful stigmas -- it looks like me -- it looks like you!  

  • Have conversations with people about the various struggles facing so many!  Every conversation is helpful. (FREE)

  • Send a card, gift card, or donation to: Homeless & Human, 105 S Main StreetFederalsburg, MD 21632

  • __________ <---- You tell us how you might be able to contribute to our mission!


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Thanks for following along!

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